The concept of skateboarding to new dimension
Skate Air

Start (UP)

RELOV is a start up: the first in the world that release a transparent, bright, colorful, flexible, technological and customized skateboard, called Skate Air.

Skate Air is more than just a mode of transportation: it’s a new generation system that combines Italian design with the technology of Silicon Valley, and it transforms one’s skateboard into an interactive and interconnected device: GPS, gyroscope, and LEDs are just some of the technologies embedded in the skate.


The unique skateboard made in Plexiglass, totally transparent, with customizable artistic laser-made graphics, colored by LED's light.
Skate Air could interact with a specific app, which allows the user to access to the virtual community, for chatting or sharing informations about people and places and so on. That means that users will be able to control Skate Air through their personal device, record information and share them on the Relov's app.




The app will provide a control for the skateboard and for the data recording. For example, it will be possible to link to a social network to share and compare data collected during cruising sessions.
As well as uploading pictures, videos, pointing urban spots, reciving invitations to events and all the information related to the skate world. In addition will be integrated an e-commerce where users will be able to buy a selection of products. Relov's app will be totally free.


RELOV is a dynamic and forefront player in the field of the “Internet of Things” based in Italy and USA. Our mission is to design unique and innovative products, that take "human habit" and transform them into visionary products.
And that's what Skate Air is about: a different way to think about the present (of skateboards) to influence the vision of the future (where skateboards are devices, too).